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Questions Questions

Please be aware that not all the questions listed may be relevant to your individual case. The physician answering the questions may not have all answers at one particular time as it may take some time to collect all the necessary information about your diagnosis and plan of care. On your interaction with your treating team use the questions form (links below) to have a basic idea about the specific diagnosis, stage, and plan of care, and please remember while the questions are divided by medical discipline, in real life and practice there is a significant overlap between different medical specialties. For fillable printable interactive pdf format  , for printable non-interactive pdf format  


The Pathology report questions

Please note that there may be more than on pathology report, for example, the initial biopsy report, the definitive surgery pathology report, other molecular prognostic report such as Oncotype score. Many times the report is not complete pending other advanced studies. The pathology reports are the one single most important piece of information in planning surgery, and additional therapy such as endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and radiation therapy. Also, note that the pathology report is different than the genetic screening report. For further details about the pathology report information, molecular prognostic testing as well as printable forms please click on the link……


Stage information

Stage information continue to be of major importance in determining treatment plan and prognosis, breast cancer staging is based on Tumor, Node, and Metastases is also known as TNM staging, and the final stage is not readily available at the first visit or when the initial diagnosis was made, for more information about the  breast cancer TNM staging please click on this link 

For summary staging form please click here (interactive)   or here (plain)  

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Genetic Screening Visit

As of this moment, not every patient is required to have genetic screening, only patient with specific criteria will need to have genetic testing, such testing is important as it does have also implications on therapeutic options and decision making. For printable fillable interactive pdf file please click on the link symbol   for printable pdf file please click on the link  

Questions page

Put it all together

Below please find a final summary, as well as all the relevant pdf forms listed in this section. As you read this forms, please be aware that not all information or all tests are necessary or required for every patient case and some of the information may be completely irrelevant to a particular breast cancer case.

Final Summary
Genomic Profile
Stage Information
Genetic Testing
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