survivorship plan after treatment

Patient completing their primary breast cancer treatment should pursue a detailed post treatment survivorship care plan. The guide line source (an American Cancer Society, and American Society of Clinical Oncology collaborative effort) listed below is the most comprehensive and up-to-date. Clinical trials showed equivalent outcome if either oncologist or primary care physician is providing such care plan. While this appears to be the most recent guidelines, I will continue to look for any updates.The guidelines focus on 5 key areas, 1) surveillance for breast cancer recurrence, 2) screening for second primary cancer, 3) assessment and management of physical and psychological long-term and late effects of breast cancer and treatment, 4) health promotion, 5) care coordination and practice implications. I did prepare a simple form that reflects my interpretation of the guidelines yet produced in a basic patient oriented fashion. For interactive form click here   for non-interactive form click here   For other discussions, forms related to initial diagnosis, treatment planner please refer to my other page by clicking here.

For a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the ACS/ASCO breast cancer survivorship care guidelines can be found at CA CANCER J Clin 2016;66:43-73 or seen through this article here.

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Follow up

It is crucial to continue your follow up with your team, there is a need for monitoring, detect recurrences, and manage delayed side effects. Use this as life style changing opportunity for you and your family.


Participate in local and national events and breast cancer awareness initiatives, be a heard voice in the quest for lasting cure for breast cancer. There are so many opportunities that you can help fight this disease.


Consider giving. Organizations such as American Cancer Society which have been working hard for decades to advocate, raise national awareness and support patients with cancer and their families for further information please click here.

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