Amr Hegazi, MD

About page is always a challenge, but here is a start. Born in Egypt, grew up in Dubai, I completed my medical degree at Ain Shams University in Cairo Egypt. After completing my Internal Medicine residency training, I joined the Washington Hospital Center for my Medical Oncology fellowship which I completed on 1995. I am board certified in Medical Oncology by American Board Board of Internal Medicine. I have been practicing Medical Oncology in a private group setting in Frederick Maryland since 1997.

It is understandable that different people write blogs for different reasons, I am no exception. I decided to write this blog for two main reasons, first is personal, as I am using blogging as a tool to continue to stimulate my appetite for learning, and to continue to catch up with the never stopping advances in cancer medicine. The second is for breast cancer patients, as the Chinese proverb goes “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Involve me and I will understand” Throughout my long clinical experience, I found that the more informed, and involved the patient in the decision making the better the outcome to that goal I tried to present a very complex content in the most patient-friendly way.

I owe many thanks to my patients, and cancer patients in general who are the real heroes of this fight, without their sacrifices our understanding of this disease would have never evolved to what it is today. I will not be a physician without so many mentors who educated me over the years, however, if I want to pick up just one name this will undoubtedly be Dr. Priebat his knowledge, skills, and dedication to patient care remains unmatched by any other physicians that I ever worked for or with. Many thanks to my family for supporting me throughout my career. This blog would have never existed in this current form without the contributions of many web developers, photographers, and artists who offered me to use their work for free, for all of them, I am greatly indebted.

Finally in life, and particularly in a blog about breast cancer medical oncology care, nothing is perfect, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here with any blog related questions, errors found,  or suggestion. It is through your suggestions, I will continue to improve.